After a lot of requests, I uploaded some of the music from Orphan Black. Over 29,000 plays so far!! And, the season finale cue has over 12,00 plays alone….great response from the viewers!! Thanks so much for liking!!

Whats new….

In the final stages of writing the score for the feature film Torment. A little suspense, and a whole lot of horror. Had George Koller in for a session - to create some of the most evil sounding double bass sounds. Wonderful player….


Look what came in the mail today!!

A fantastic win for the team….to all those involved with this project - Thank you!! And to my co-writers Marco Difelice and Emile Mover…you’re the best!!


Orphan Black

Glad to be part of the Orphan Black team. Great show, great writers, great concept, great DP of photography. Its going to be a blast. Look and listen for some pretty interesting instruments - hand crafted by Arius Blaze.